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A message from April:

I am humbled and deeply touched by the outpouring of wishes and prayers offered on my behalf.  I wish I could respond to each of you personally, and maybe I’ll have that opportunity when I get back to my computer keyboard.

Tomorrow (Thursday 4/17) is the big day.  My surgeon, one of the top pancreatobiliary oncology surgeons in the country, is taking me in for a Whipple procedure.  Yesterday (things are moving really fast!), the positive news was that my PET scan did NOT light up anywhere and the pancreatic CT scan appears to indicate that whatever is there is confined to the pancreas.  The debate is whether I have adenoCA in the head of the pancreas or cholangioCA in the common bile duct; the surgeon is leaning toward the cholangio….  It’s kind of potayto/potahto--either one requires the Whipple procedure.  I will be out of commission for 6-8 weeks, which means that I will miss seeing everyone at NCRA’s 40th  anniversary celebration and a few other meetings and presentations.  I hope to be back on the job by mid-June.   

When I get the path report, I’ll fill in the rest of my abstract.   Thank you for your continued good wishes. 

Update: Success!

April spent 9 hours in the operating room, but the surgeon says he’s sure he got all the cancer. 

She’s in recovery right now and I’ll see her a little later when she gets moved to ICU where she will probably stay for a day or two.

Thanks for all your prayers and good wishes.  Those—along with a super surgeon—made it happen.


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