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CTR Exam Preparation Workshop

Dates for 2018 are to be determined.

Workshop Agenda

Hotel, transportation and other administration information for students.


A.Fritz and Associatesí CTR Exam Prep Workshop is a concentrated 3-day review of all the areas that may be tested on the CTR exam.  The workshop has been designed to cover the revised content of the exam, emphasizing areas that are not usually covered in state meetings or in other short CTR exam prep workshops. 


The program provides nearly 18 hours of classroom presentations and discussion, including the opportunity to ask questions of the instructors and receive immediate feedback.  In addition, this workshop is unique in providing case exercises to work in the evening and discuss as a group the following morning.  The final day includes a 3-hour practice exam to take under conditions similar to that of the real CTR exam.  (The real CTR exam is computer-based; the practice exam is paper-based.) Following completion of the exam, students will have immediate feedback and discussion of your answers.  (Note:  Students should not schedule flights home before 6PM on the last day of the workshop.)


Fees are due upon registration if being paid by the registrant.  If the fees will be paid by an employer, payment must be received within 2 weeks of registration or 7 days before the class, whichever is earlier.



You will have the advantage of learning directly from the people who participated in the development of all the standard registry references and/or who have been trained directly by the standards setters:

  • April Fritz, RHIT, CTR is a member of the Collaborative Staging Steering Committee and an editor of ICD-O-3 and the sixth edition of the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual.

  • Louanne Currence, RHIT, CTR, has worked in healthcare more than thirty years and been a hospital-based registrar for over twenty years.


 The CTR Prep Workshop includes the following subject areas:

  • Extensive site-specific review of rules and oncology information to prepare for both closed book and open book sections of the exam

  • Review of multiple primary and histology coding rules for hematopoietic and solid  tumors

  • Review of Commission on Cancer standards for cancer programs

  • Review of registry organization and operation

  • Review of cancer statistics and epidemiology

  • Review of data presentation and interpretation methods

Who Should Attend

This workshop is ideal for central registry or facility-based cancer registrars who are eligible to take the CTR exam.  Here are the current CTR exam eligibility requirements

Reference Materials

You must bring the following references to the workshop:

  • *Part I Sections 1 and 2 of Collaborative Stage (CS) Data Collection System Coding Instructions   Note:  Do NOT bring the entire CS manual in hard copy. 

  • *ICD-O-3 with errata

  • *AJCC Cancer Staging Manual, seventh edition with errata

  • *Multiple Primaries and Histology Coding Rules (2007, revised 2011)

  • *Hematopoietic Multiple Primary Rules version 2.1 (2012)

*required for open-book portion of the practice exam at the end of the workshop

Hotel, Travel and Other Administrative Information for Student s Attending in Reno.

Workshop Agenda